Church on the Rock Church on the Rock is located in Brownsburg, IN. We are seeking to be constantly Building HIS Body, while Breaking OUR Barriers

Our songs this morning were:

Good, Good Father - Chris Tomlin

How He Loves Us - Jesus Culture

Waymaker - Micheal W. Smith


This morning we took a break from our sermon series for this month.  We talked about the roles of a Pastor, as well as our role as The Church.  Our sermon title was Preachin' notes, y'all!  Our main text was in the book of Colossians 3:12-17 (ESV).  Sermon points are as follows:

 The identity of the body. (vs:  12-15 (ESV))

1.)  The Character:

      1.)  Chosen: plan for us

      2.)  Set apart:  purpose for us

      3.)  Loved:  passion for us

2.)  The Characteristics:

       1.)  Kindness

       2.)  Humility

       3.)  Meekness

       4.)  Patience

3.)  Expression

      1.)  Enduring

      2.)  Forgiving

4.)  Foundation

      1.)  Love

      2.)  Peace


The responsibility/purpose of the body.  (Vs. 16-17 (ESV))

Give God obedience through discipleship

Give God thanks through worship

Give God glory by living for Him in all things


Our message was brought through both Jason Pipes and Jonathan Woodring.  Pastors from The Refuge in Plainfield, Indiana.  


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