Church on the Rock Church on the Rock is located in Brownsburg, IN. We are seeking to be constantly Building HIS Body, while Breaking OUR Barriers

Our songs this week were:

Build Your Kingdom - Rend Collective

Build My Life - Pat Barrett


This morning our gathering was the same, but very different.  As you listen to this podcast it begins with Rashad's powerful testimony as he wrestled with going on his trip to India.  Then we continuing our sermon series Who Do We Appreciate? part two.  We find ourselves continuing in the book of Acts 20:17 - 19 (NASB). Our sermon points are as follows:

1.)  The Obligation to the Gathering

2.)  The Obligation to the Growing

3.)  The Obligation to the Going

4.)  The Obligation to the Gospel


Acts 20:17 - 19 (NASB)

Acts 20:20 - 21 (NASB)

Acts 20:22 - 23 (NASB)


This POWERFUL and emotional testimony and teaching were brought through Rashad Cunningham.


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